“In Phase” (‘In fase’ in dutch) stands for two or more vibrations/ signals that are synchronized in time and frequency. This is in control technology the ideal goal to be reached. This goal is reached as goed as possible when actual motion is following what is wanted exactly, with no time delay. Here is where my strength lies. Both in technical sense as by means of project! FASE stands for Field Automation Service Engineer. In FASE is a sole proprietorship as Field/ Service engineer in automation/control technology. My services are the product; commissioning of your new system on its working location. Troubleshooting a technical problem and apply changes to solve it. And at the same time I like to participate in solutions to update a system that is out of date. My bachelor degree as control-technician/ mechatronic-engineer, and widely experienced in complex PLC-, control- and automation-technology makes that the focus is on the software,  control-technology and automation side of the system. But the controls is not where my knowledge and experience stops. With a wide experience in hi-tech hydraulic-mechanical systems, and a secondary education in de electro-energy technology,  it is also possible for me to look from the actuation side into the system. A ‘gray area’ in between is not in my vocabulary.